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Strategic Marketing

Content Audit -  Ever wonder which pages should be consolidated for possible overlapping topics? Just as a financial auditor examines your company's financial statements, Projectivity analyzes your URL data, interprets it and offers recommendations on content quality, content strategy and site design. 


Content Strategy, Development and Promotion – The words in your website and social media platforms, along with photos and videos, comprise content. Projecitvity develops content strategy to create meaningful, cohesive, engaging, and sustainable content. Our job is to improve your visitor’s experience through usable content, presented in a well-structured, and high-ranking site.


Social Media Marketing – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. GlobalWebIndex's report states that the average number of social networks per user is 5.54. At Projectivity, we produce content that users will share across their social networks to help increase your brand exposure and broaden your customer reach.


Web AnalyticsYou’ve heard these words: 1) Visit. 2) Unique Visit. 3) Page View or Impression. 4) Hits. Based on your business objective, Projecitvity creates an analysis framework to ensure that your web and social media content is focused on what's important to your visitors. You learn what good or bad looks like and what success or failure looks like in terms of performance.  | 971-400-5415

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