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Communications & Public Relations

Copy Writing - Our collective degrees are in Journalism, Marketing, Public Relations and Business Management. Writing is our passion and grammatical precision is our prowess. The backbone of credible, powerful and persuasive prose in advertising, product launches, catalogues, book jackets, web and blog written content is the marriage between writing as art and meticulous research. Projectivity deep-dives into topics to become subject experts.


Public Relations Outreach - PR encompasses public speaking, social media strategy, community relations, crisis communications and media relations. Projectivity will help build your social media and traditional media plan by identifying your target audiences and determining an effective strategy for establishing a positive and strong relationship with them.  


Thought Leadership Articles - Successful thought leadership content is set by your audience, not by you. Why? Because you want to answer what is on their mind. Projectivity will help you write articles that showcase your unique selling points that differentiates you through points of view that are intriguing, innovative, inspiring and relevant. Be THE authority and gain followers!


White Papers - What it’s not: it isn’t a vehicle to pitch your products or services. Rather, it’s an in-depth and authoritative report on a specific topic or problem pertinent to your target audience. It presents a persuasive, authoritative, in-depth report and solution(s). Give FREE white papers to your audience and you gain their trust!
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