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Marshall & Associates - 30 Years Spanning the Hospitality Industry

"I have had the privilege of working with Therese McLain observing her professional skills, job performance, management and human relations style. In addition, I witnessed her public relations skills. Therese is an outstanding leader in all categories. Her powers of observation are unique and her ability to solve difficult problems in a wide range of professional settings, extraordinary."

Cobalt Communications Group

Art W. Marshall



"Jessica Mallard is a highly organized and dependable PR professional and a great person to work with. You can always count on her to get the job done and to have it completed on time. In my time working with her, she has always conducted herself in a professional manner especially under pressure and in difficult situations."

LJ Johnson






Home Savings of








Institute for





Ultimate Combat Experience

"I have never been more impressed after an initial meeting than I was with Jessica Mallard. She certainly knows her craft, and was able to communicate it to me in a way that made perfect sense. She had tremendous insight into what I am trying to accomplish with my company in our very first meeting- which tells me she had done her homework. I am excited to get the ball rolling on the items we discussed."

Mike Stidham, Owner

PHC Northwest (Establishment of a PR Dept.; Coalition Building; Government Affairs; Web Redevelopment; Social Media Engagement)

".. In 2008, Therese proposed the development of a Public Relations department with focus on State government affairs in relation to people with disabilities.  The Public Relations and media development was done well. Therese developed a portfolio that earned respect from everyone, including initiating the “Smart Cleaning News,” to educate customers and community about PHC’s business lines and environmental sustainability efforts. She also helped gain support for a larger public relations program than PHC had ever committed to in the past, and has developed our social media presence."




Josh Rickabough Rich, PHC Board Chair

2012 to 2014

Multnomah University

Gina Berquist, Vice President of Enrollment Management  

"Trudi has been a tremendous benefit to Multnomah University inside of a long-term contract. She has had the ability to come in with "outside eyes" and make accurate assessments to assist us in our evaluation of processes.  Trudi possesses a great deal of discernment and insights; something that is invaluable with consultants today."

TTI Insight

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